En guide till ökad klarhet och bättre beslut

Clarity Ritual Guide


In the ancient Greece of Plato and Aristotle, philosophy rooms were prepared with smoke from tied sprigs of Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Ruta to sharpen the clarity of the mind and open up new thoughts and ideas. The shamans of the Amazon burned resin from the Copal tree. This ritual is for creating clarity before important decisions and expanding the mind and making room for a higher consciousness.

For this ritual we recommend Spiritual Oudh Altar Blend, Copal Incense Sticks and Rosemary & Grapevine Incense Sticks


  • Begin the ritual by airing the room and creating mental space so that clarity and creativity can flow freely.
  • Put on music that sets the mood for your activity.
  • If you have a specific question or challenge, write it down on a white sheet of paper and place it near the incense.
  • Light the incense and visualize the smoke bringing your desires and dreams out into the universal to be manifested and answered.
  • Allow your intuition to guide and listen inwardly to how the body wants to guide you further in your work. Maybe you want to write freely what comes to you while the incense is burning, create a mind map over a large A3 sheet on the floor or fill a table with post it notes. Everything is allowed and there is no right or wrong when we seek answers.
  • Round off with a quiet moment of relaxation or meditation where you let thoughts and feelings land and integrate into the body.
  • When the incense has burned off, make sure it is extinguished.
  • End by thanking Mother Earth for her wise powers and energy.

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