En ritual för ökad kreativitet och lekfullhet

Creativity Ritual Guide


Creativity is one of the higher energy frequencies we humans can be in. Sometimes we need to boost ourselves with new inner creative joy and awaken the playful child within us. This ritual is for raising the vibrations around the creative process to achieve light and higher connection.

For this ritual we recommend Rosemary & Grapevine incense sticks , Rosemary & Palo Santo, Copal Incense Sticks and Copal Sahumito


  • Begin the ritual by airing the room and making room for creativity and play to flow.
  • Put on music that sets the mood for your activity.
  • Feel free to assume the child's position and perspective. Sit on the floor, lie down on a mat. You may want to place your legs up against a wall to increase blood flow to your head.
  • Light the incense and visualize the smoke bringing your desires and dreams out into the universal to manifest.
  • If you are looking for creative inspiration, you can paint a specific color on a piece of paper, write down loose words in different colors, use crayons and playful details to stimulate the mind.
  • Feel free to use your body in the process. Play an instrument, read a poem aloud or move freely to the music. Allow everything that comes to you to intuitively and completely naturally without judgment be expressed in and through you.
  • Feel free to create in the meantime and let music, text, color and form flow freely. Everything is allowed and there is no right or wrong.
  • When the incense has burned off, make sure it is extinguished.
  • End by thanking Mother Earth for her inspiring powers and energy.
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