En ritual för att rensa bort negativa tankar och energier

Energy Cleansing Ritual Guide


We humans are energy. It lives and flows through us every day. Sometimes we meet people who affect our energy negatively or suddenly we discover that we are in a place in life when the energy is not quite enough. This ritual is for cleansing ourselves of negative energy and infusing new powers. Boost and replenish yourself with everything you need. Manifest more love for yourself, others and life!

For this ritual we recommend 7 Days Energy Cleansing Bombitas, Frankincense incense sticks and Energy Cleansing Bombitas


  • In order for new energy to take place, you need to clean house. Begin the ritual by airing the room properly.
  • Put on music that sets the mood for your activity. Think for a moment about what have been your energy thieves.
  • Light the incense and visualize how the smoke cleanses all your energy layers and auras and removes negative thoughts and energies.
  • Then imagine that a wind washes through you and cleanses you of impurities and negative energies.
  • Feel free to involve the body. Sometimes it can feel better to allow the body to jump or shake off what has been difficult.
  • Then take a more meditative position. You can lie down on a mat or sit in a tailor's position. Close your eyes and think that what is pouring down from above is new and clean energy that fills you. Try to find an inner picture of how it feels. Perhaps you are filled with a white light or can sense that your body contours are perceived as sharper and healthier.
  • Manifest how you figuratively charge yourself with new power and fill up with everything you want and need for the moment. Focus on a few things. Tomorrow you can fill up with something else.
  • When the incense has burned completely make sure it is extinguished.
  • Conclude by thanking Mother Earth for her benevolent powers and energy.
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