En ritual som grundar och jordar oss människor till inre stabilitet och harmoni

Grounding Ritual Guide

In a stressful everyday life, we can often be left with a feeling of having lost our footing. It is in these moments that we are most in need of grounding and grounding ourselves. By reconnecting with nature and the healing powers of Mother Earth, we can evoke a sense of inner harmony and balance.

For this ritual we recommend Ritual Clay Mask from Espíritu Santo and Myrrh and Sandalwood incense from Sagrada Madre.  

Guide - Founding Ritual

  • Create an atmosphere in the room for the ritual. Decide which lighting you wish to have on in the room and put on a playlist with music that conveys the atmosphere you want to create. Complete with lit candles.
  • Light a selected incense stick and let the smoke cleanse you and the room of negative energies. Remember that the smoke is powerful and as long as the stick burns, the smoke carries and conveys your desires into the universal.
  • Mix up your ritual clay mask, use the active powder and mix according to the recipe with plain water or rose water, ashes from the organic Sagrada Madre incense and a few drops of essential oil that feels right for the moment.
  • Get in touch with your body, let it guide you to the music and apply the clay mask where you instinctively feel that it is grounding, cleansing and beneficial for you in this moment. Apply the mud as a cleansing "lubrication" to the body to dissolve and come into contact with troublesome events stuck in the body. Sometimes we come into contact with strong emotions such as sadness and anger. Allow all emotions to flow and wash through you. This is a very powerful ritual so be gentle with yourself.
  • Leave the clay mask on for 10-20 minutes. Use the time in exactly the way that feels right for you. Maybe you want to write something, dance or just enjoy pure relaxation.
  • Manifest how you feel grounded, like a tree taking root and feel what it really feels like to be in touch with mother earth in her purest form.
  • Rinse well afterwards or use a damp towel to remove the mask.
  • Thank yourself and Mother Earth for her grounding powers.

Recipe Face & Body Clay Mask

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of clay powder with 3 tablespoons of water or rose water in a bowl.

  • For creamier and more moisturizing mask add a few drops of almond oil or any essential oil according to your needs and desired energy vibrations. Lavender for a slightly calmer feeling, orange for uplifting or myrrh for the ultimate grounding effect.

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