En helande ritual för att läka emotionellt och andligt

Healing Ritual Guide


Healing rituals are deeply healing for us humans. In order to get in touch and become whole, we also have to get in touch with our own vulnerability and the fears that have often taken over our lives. By reconnecting with nature and the healing powers of Mother Earth, we can seek help to heal, heal and reconcile with ourselves and others.

For this ritual we recommend Myrrh Altar Blend, Ritual Clay Mask and Palo Santo and Myrrh incense sticks


  • Create an atmosphere in the room for the ritual. Decide on the light you want in the room and put on a playlist of music that conveys the mood you want to create.
  • Light a selected incense stick or Altar Blend and let the smoke cleanse you and the room of negative energies. Remember that the smoke is powerful and as long as the stick burns, the smoke carries and conveys your wishes.
  • Take a pad of post it and enter a deep stage of reflection. What is holding you back from being your true and authentic self? What are the fears that prevent you from becoming who you really want to be and living the life that you want to live?
  • Focus on your fears. Write down each of the fears that come to you on a post it note.
  • Place each of the post it notes on a mirror so you see them gathered in front of you.
  • Mix up your ritual clay mask, use the Ritual Clay Mask and mix according to the recipe with rose water, ash from the organic Sagrada Madre incense and an essential oil that feels appropriate for the moment.
  • Choose a fear by taking one of the post it notes from the mirror. Become present with that specific fear. Feel it with your whole body. Where in the body does that particular feeling reside. Where does it come from? And how old were you when that feeling landed in your body? Note that these can be very emotional moments. Allow the feeling that comes to you to flow through you with minimal resistance.
  • When you have come into contact with where in the body the fear is, you mark the place on the body with the ritual clay mask.
  • Continue to work your way through fear by fear until all fear centers are marked.
  • For every "anointing" on your body, you heal with the sacred powers and healing oils of Mother Earth.
  • Be with your feelings, the music, your body and all its feelings.
  • When you feel ready, it's time for the water purification. Take a warm bath or stand in the shower. Let the water wash over you as you consciously remove the mud from your body and cleanse yourself of your fears.
  • After this ritual one may feel very tired. Unwind with a cup of soothing tea and go straight to bed. Take care of yourself in the coming days.
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