En ritual för högre medvetande och spirituell kontakt

Higher Consciousness Ritual Guide


Burning pure incense over burning coals is strongly associated with ritual and ceremony and is experienced by many as more solemn than burning a regular incense stick. Often we connect it to a ritual that contains desires to achieve a higher consciousness and contact with the spiritual world. In the botanical flora there are several ingredients that help expand our mind and open up to higher consciousness and connection, such as Frankincense, Oud, Roses and Rosemary.

For this ritual we recommend Sacred Unity Altar Blend and Amber and Frankincense incense triangles and Triple premium incense sticks.



  • Create your own altar with crystals, stones, incense and dried smudge sticks. Also fill your altar with magical items such as feathers, elements from nature, amulets and personal items.
  • Identify an energy spot in your home that is a sacred place for contemplation and ritual.
  • Start by decorating the place with your home altar, a comfortable pillow or meditation accessories such as a zabuton, stool or yoga bolster. Make the place your personal and safe place.
  • Put the phone on silent or flight mode. Turn off as many electronics in the home as possible and dim the lighting.
  • Light magical candles around your place. For extra power use ritual beeswax candles.
  • Light the Altar Blend incense over charcoal or use your favorite incense stick. It is also good to use two incense sticks to enhance the experience and mix several active ingredients.
  • Sit in your favorite position and begin your meditation in the way that feels most natural to you.
  • Close your eyes and turn your gaze inward to listen to the soul.
  • Start by checking in with all your senses. Become aware of what you can perceive with smell, touch, hearing and taste.
  • Let the smoke become part of your experience and let it manifest and carry your desires into the universal.
  • End your ritual ceremony by taking a moment to reflect or write down what came to you.
  • Thank mother earth for her beneficent powers.
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