En ritual som skyddar och skapar en säkert plats i och omkring dig

Protecting Ritual Guide


The protective ritual - "Protective Incense" creates a protective barrier of smoke and cleanses you of physical and emotional negative energies. A defense that protects, nurtures and helps you towards security and stability.

For this ritual we recommend No2. Protecting Ritual Kit and Myrrh Altar Blend and Frankincense & Myrrh bombitas


The smoke of this kit is a sacred source of cleansing energy. Light the incense with the intention of creating a safe space that protects and creates a safe place.


Natural incense is traditionally used by the indigenous people of South America in rituals to purify, heal, protect and balance people, objects and places. This natural incense helps ground you and connect with Mother Earth.


  • In order for new energy to take place, you need to clean house. Begin the ritual by airing the room properly.
  • Put on music that creates calm and inner stability. The important thing is to set an atmosphere that creates recognition and security. Something that connects to a time, place and moment where you once felt safe.
  • Light the incense and visualize the smoke creating a mist and a protective shield that surrounds you and the place where you are.
  • Feel how the ground or floor carries you and holds you. You can always feel safe here. This is your safe place.
  • See if you can add objects, blankets, pillows and other items that create a homely and extra cozy and embraced atmosphere.
  • See if you can somehow feel held and supported. You can lean against a wall or just rest against supports that support you. If you have someone with you in the ritual, you can rest back to back and tune into each other's breath. Feel how you both receive support and offer support.
  • Then take a more meditative position. You can lie down on a mat or sit in a tailor's position. Close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by a protective aura. You can also use your arms and hands to build and enclose a protective barrier around your energy body.
  • When the incense has burned off, make sure it is extinguished.
  • Conclude by thanking Mother Earth for her protective powers and energy.

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