En ritual för att på djupet rena människor och platser från negativa energier

Purifying Ritual Guide


This ritual is for cleansing people, objects and spaces of physical and emotional negative energy. The ritual also connects you closer to your dreams, desires, intentions and spiritual dimensions. Energy cleansing or "defuming" is about cleaning out the old that no longer serves you to make room for new inner power and strength.

For this ritual we recommend No1. Purifying Ritual Kit and White Sage incense sticks and White Sage Sahumito.


Light the incense with an intention of true love and pure light.


By using natural incense traditionally used by the indigenous people of South America, we can cleanse, heal, protect and balance people, objects and places from negative energies.


  • In this ritual, it is especially important that you begin by airing the room or place that you wish to cleanse before starting your ritual.
  • Next, identify a place in your home that is a sacred place for contemplation and ritual.
  • Put the phone on silent or in flight mode. Turn off as many electronics in the home as possible and turn off lighting or dim lights.
  • Light magical candles around your place. For extra power use ritual and purifying beeswax candles.
  • Put on music that sets the mood for your ritual.
  • Light the incense or Panto Santo stick with a match or over an open flame. Use circular gestures to spread the smoke over what you wish to cleanse. You can use your hand, a feather, or a seashell to direct and distribute the smoke. Allow your intuition to guide you and allow the smoke to fully embrace your ceremony. If you use Palo Santo, also read the Palo Santo Ritual Guide.
  • Then imagine the smoke and an invisible wind washing through you and cleansing you of impurities and negative energies.
  • Feel free to involve the body. Sometimes it can feel good to just allow the body to jump or shake off what has been difficult.
  • If you are in a private place and something is stuck really deep in the body, you can shout loudly or let out a rescue scream.
  • Take a moment and reflect on what has been weighing you down. Note how it feels in the body after the ritual. Where in the body does it feel lighter? Anything in particular that you noted or noticed during the ritual?
  • Think for a moment about what else you need to give yourself new power and energy. Package it as little gifts that you give to yourself. Gifts of self-compassion and love on your way forward and through life. Write it down on small pieces of paper and save it in a magic jar that you can come back to when you need to.
  • When the incense has burned off, make sure it is extinguished.
  • Finish by thanking Mother Earth for her cleansing powers.
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