En guide till mer intima och sensuella stunder

Sensual Ritual Guide

Name : Delphine Cartier

Occupation : Sex Counselor

Birthplace : Paris, France

Favorite destination : I'm a true travel buff who has visited over 50 countries, but I would probably say that Rome and the Cyclades archipelago in Greece are absolutely incredible for me.

Best love accessory : coconut oil, a real all-around thing.

Dream of : a consensual society where people are aware of each other and themselves and where sexuality is respected and enjoyed to the fullest.

Ritual No1 - Sensual Yoni Meditation Breathing

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Create a cozy space for yourself where you can relax and explore your intimacy. Lay out a blanket, place your botanical eye pillow near the blanket and light an incense stick with sensual sandalwood that cleanses and enhances your space.

Take position

Lie comfortably on the blanket and place the eye pillow over your eyes. Feel the lovely scent of rose and juniper that spreads easily over your face. Take a few breaths to enjoy this moment. See if you can smell all the scents that surround you. Feel the surface against your body and enjoy feeling how the body relaxes and begins to get ready for a wonderful and sensual breathing exercise. If you have used yoni eggs before, it can be used for this exercise.

Yoni breathing

Take a deep breath and feel how the breath slowly descends into your body and how your chest and stomach rise. Take another deep and slow breath, and feel the air filling and moving throughout your body. Take a third breath and feel the air go into your vagina, and then turn back. Then take a fourth breath, and feel the air enter your vagina, turn and exit again. On the next inhalation, imagine making your vagina as small as possible - contract it. Try to be as relaxed as possible in the rest of the body. Then, on exhalation, make it as large as possible, as if you were blowing up a balloon with the vagina. Start over again; breathe deeply and calmly. Make your vagina tight on the inhale and large on the exhale, and repeat four times.

Finish Yoni meditation breathing

Finish the yoni meditation breathing by taking three regular and slow breaths. Cup your hands over your yoni. Feel the warmth between your hands and yoni. Does anything feel different? Meet all feelings, both physical and psychological, with acceptance and consideration. Feel free to end by thanking your yoni for this moment together. When you feel ready, you can remove the eye pad and slowly sit back up.

Ritual No2 - Sensual bath

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Begin your ritual by lighting a Palo Santo and rose incense stick to clear the bathroom of negative energies and create a safe zone. Set an intention with what you want to give yourself more of. Then light the rose scented candle to fill the bathroom with vibrating roses that raise the sexual energy frequencies. Take the opportunity to dim the bathroom light to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Once the tub is full, you can thoughtfully scatter a few rose petals into the water.

Pleasure-filled bath

Lie in the tub and take a few deep and slow breaths. Smell the lovely aromas that have been created in the bathroom and notice how the rose petals float quietly on the water. Focus on all your senses and how the water surrounds you. Notice the temperature changes and how the water feels against your skin. Where do you feel the most? How does it feel? Enjoy your legs sliding against each other and your hands moving delicately over different parts of the body. Use the healing and moisturizing olive oil and goat's milk soap and let it gently caress your body. Feel the soft sensation of the soap's movement against the skin and if it feels extra pleasant somewhere along the body. Lather a creamy foam in your hands and enjoy the bath while taking deep, slow breaths.

Closing ceremony

End your sensual bath by feeling your body and wrapping yourself in a soft and embracing Hamam towel. Does anything feel different? Face all feelings, both physical and psychological, with acceptance and consideration. Feel free to end by thanking yourself for prioritizing yourself and your pleasure. Then take out your mist and envelop yourself in a mist of roses, palmaros, frankincense, clary sage and germanium for emotional balance and carry this state of mind into your upcoming experiences.

Ritual No3 - Sensual ritual for couples

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Preparation - Couple Emotional Cleansing

Create a cozy space where you feel relaxed and ready for an intimate moment together. Lay out a blanket, and preferably a pillow where you can sit to make it as comfortable as possible. If you want, you can be naked together. Light the sahumiton with roses and start by clearing the space but also each other. Let your partner move the sahumiton along the contours of your body while you close your eyes. Then switch roles in giving and receiving the cleansing ritual. When you're done, you can let the sahumiton glow in the beautiful Mother of Pearl dish and keep it close to you so you can smell the lovely scents of eucalyptus, bay leaf, cedar and roses. Set a timer for the desired time you want to be in the meditation, and please choose a soft and melodic alarm that does not interrupt the mood too abruptly.

Sensual Eye Gazing

There are different eye gazing methods and this is one of them. Start the timer and sit comfortably quite close and facing each other. Take three deep and slow breaths each. Then you can hold hands or put a hand on each other's heart. Look with a soft and relaxed gaze into each other's eyes. You can of course blink at any time as this is not a competition about who can watch without blinking. Keep your gaze soft and try not to look away. If you become distracted, which can happen, find your way back to your awareness and to your partner's eyes.

Closing Ceremony & Sensual Place

End your eye gazing experience when the timer rings. Then you can slowly return to your bodies, place your hands on your own heart and take three slow and deep breaths. Feel your body. Does anything feel different? Face all feelings, both physical and psychological, with acceptance and consideration. Feel free to end by thanking each other for prioritizing some time together. When you feel ready, please feel free to share the experience. Also let Mother of Pearl become your sensual place where you can leave small wish notes and other sensual gifts to each other.

with Love,

Delphine Cartier


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