En smudge ritual som renar personer, platser och föremål från negativa energier.

Smudge Ritual Guide


Smudging is a way of cleaning spaces from negative energy and inviting new positive energies. Burning aromatic herbs and resins was already practiced in antiquity and in ancient Egypt. Smudging has also been used by indigenous peoples of North and South America as well as by Shamans in rituals to cleanse, heal, protect and balance people. As the smoke rises, it takes your wishes and connects heaven and earth with human life.

Smudging can be advantageously performed before yoga, meditation or when important decisions have to be made. Smudging is an important part of cleansing rituals and ceremonies. There are many different plants and herbs that can be used in smudging, some of the ones we recommend are White Sage, Yerba Santa, Cedar, Eucalyptus and Bay leaves in our Smudge Sticks, Smudge Pastilles, Sahumos and Sahumitos 


The smoke that comes from burning sacred herbs and leaves is a solemn source of purity and protection. Always light it with a strong intention to clear out all negative energies, worries, sadness, impurities and negative thoughts.


The purpose of smudging is to use the smoke to cleanse people, objects and places of unwanted energies that have stuck.


  • Light the incense bundle with a match, lighter or over an open flame.
  • Put it in a fireproof container or hold it in your hand.
  • Use circular gestures to move the smoke over the person, object or place you wish to purify and protect.
  • If you want to purify a room, run the incense bundle along the walls, ceiling and floor. You can use your hand, feather or a seashell to direct the smoke.
  • If you wish to cleanse a person of low vibrations or overload of energies, you move the incense bundle along the contours of the body from head to feet.
  • Allow the smoke to envelop your entire energy body.
  • Incense bundles can be extinguished and re-ignited.
  • Always extinguish against a fireproof surface.
  • Finish by thanking Mother Earth for her cleansing powers.
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