En ritual som höjer energinivåerna genom rökelse och lekfullhet

Uplifting Ritual Guide

This ritual is to raise the energy frequencies and raise the heart rate and increase the flow of happy hormones. Feel free to do this ritual with several people who can help charge the place and the ritual with true friendship and joy.

For this ritual we recommend Cinnamon, Anise and Frankincense incense, Palo Santo, Citronella and Orange incense and Revitalize incense sticks.


  • In order for new energy to take place, you need to clean house. Begin the ritual by airing the room properly.
  • Put on powerful music that sets the mood for your activity. Leave the volume above normal. Allow the base to be felt in the body. If a neighbor knocks, invite the person to join the ritual.
  • Light the incense and visualize how the smoke helps raise the vibrations in the room, objects and in the body to raise all energy frequencies in the room.
  • Involve the body by moving to different tempos. First slowly then faster. Irregular to straight and definite. Utilize the entire room and move from low levels to stretching your whole body. You can jump and shout. Allow your own intuition to guide you and it's good if you dare to challenge your own comfort zone.
  • If there are several of you in the room, place yourselves in a ring so that you can see each other. See if you can challenge each other in your own quirky way to create laughter and joy. Use facial expressions, movements or tell a story. Laughter is contagious, so let what wants to come out take its place.
  • Finish in silence, lying on the floor. See if you can think of three things that brought joy to you as a child and note if these things are present in your adult life. If not, ask yourself how you can give more space to the playful child in your everyday life.
  • When the incense has burned off, make sure it is extinguished.
  • End by thanking Mother Earth for her playful nature and energy.
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