The New Year is a powerful time for self-reflection and the beginning of inner transformation. Usher in the new year with a New Year's Day or New Year's Eve ritual to manifest your innermost desires. Here is a guide on different elements you can include in your ritual, let your own intuition and creativity guide you.

MANIFESTATION LIGHT. Light a manifestation candle or ritual beeswax candles.

UNIVERSAL GUIDANCE. Lay tarot or oracle cards for universal guidance.

THE INHERENT POWER OF INCENSE. Light an incense of myrrh, frankincense, yagra or sandalwood and let the smoke manifest your dreams into the universal field of consciousness, light and love.

LETTER OF INTENTION. Write a loving letter to yourself with what you want to achieve in 2024.

RITUAL ANOINTING. Finish the ritual with a ceremonial anointing with a fragrant ritual oil of herbs, flowers and trees and sparkling sparklers to light your way forward.

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