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Radleigh Valentine

Angel Wisdom Tarot

Angel Wisdom Tarot

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Angels Wisdom Tarot

Rich in symbolism and with new features not found in other tarot decks. This is the latest 78 card angel tarot deck from international bestselling author Radleigh Valentine. This tarot deck is well suited for those looking for new inspirational cards and for those just starting to lay tarot.

Radleigh takes inspiration from the long history of tarot to ensure that each card is full of rich symbolism. Unique features of the cards, which are not found in any other deck and which add additional dimensions to each card reading:

- each card is connected to the energy of a certain archangel
- each card in the minor arcana is associated with the energy of the four elements.
- keywords and short descriptions on each card make it easy and quick to learn the meaning of the cards.

The detailed illustrations are drawn by renowned fantasy artist Dan Craig.

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78 cards with guidebook (248 pages).
Card size: 9.5 x 13 cm

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