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Kyle Gray

Angels & Ancestors Oracle

Angels & Ancestors Oracle

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Ancestral Guidance

All around us are countless guides who are happy to share their knowledge with us to heal us and create change. They include angels and ancestors, among others. Angels have always had a mission in whatever religion or culture they appear: to guide, help and love people. On Earth, the ancestors are warriors, healers and the wise who share their experience, their knowledge and their magic. Angels and ancestors know what you need to know.

With motifs from the Celts, Native Americans and other indigenous cultures, these beautiful oracle cards bring together the wisdom of all these cultures and build a bridge between our worlds. It is a powerful tool where the wise angels and ancestors stand ready to help you find the answers that are already within you.

Product information:
Contains: 55 cards and a guidebook in English.
Author: Kyle Gray
Illustrator: Lilly Moses
Language English

Product information

Innehåller: 55 kort och en guidebok på engelska.
Författare: Kyle Gray
Illustratör: Lilly Moses
Språk: Engelska

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