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Yoni Egg Rock Crystal Set x 3

Yoni Egg Rock Crystal Set x 3

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Rock Crystal Yoni Set



Yoni Set x 3
Egg Small: 16.5G / 2x3cm
Egg Medium: 35G / 2.5x4cm
Egg Large: 58G / 3x4.5cm

Yoni eggs in three sizes of real rock crystal. The name comes from the Greek krystallos, which means ice. Yoni means whole place in Sanskrit and yoni eggs are used to train and stimulate the muscles of the vagina. The yoni helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles while giving new feminine energy and zest for life to the root chakra. Regular use stimulates the blood flow and leads for many to increased desire but also the ability for greater sexual pleasure. You can also use your Yoni Egg while meditating to ground your feminine power and honor your sacred temple.

Rock crystal characteristics
Rock crystal is said to link our soul with the energy of the universe and the stars. The rock crystal's energy symbolizes clarity, harmony and balance.

All eggs come in a beautiful white storage box. The eggs have a through hole at one end and come with silky thread to facilitate the removal of your egg. Rock crystal is a natural stone that shifts in different transparencies of white.

Product information

Medium size: 40x30mm
Included black organza bag for storage.
Always wash the egg after use. 100% Rose Quartz.

Open purchase or right of exchange does not apply, due to hygienic reasons.

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