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Restore Wheat Heater

Restore Wheat Heater

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Restore wheat warmer / Botanical Wheat Eye Pillow


Botanical wheat pillow filled with healing lavender, roses and bay leaves that provide a deepened relaxation through both heat and cold that relieves tension and aches. Made in Sweden from organic wheat and soft linen. Perfect for meditation, relaxation, yoga or as extra warmth in bed or on the sofa.

Hot & Cold Ritual

The wheat pillow has a pleasant weight that activates acupressure points around the eyes, temples, forehead or sore neck and shoulders. The warming effect provides relief to tense muscles, back pain, rheumatic pain and period pain. The wheat pillow can also be frozen to provide coolness for headaches, sore muscles and migraines, as well as relief during menopause.


Herbal and Floral


Sensual, Restore, and Calming


Wheat pillow filled with KRAV-grown wheat, lavender, roses and bay leaves.

Use & Rituals

Use this soothing pillow as part of your calming ritual before bed and during yoga or meditation. Enjoy and give yourself a moment of relaxation. The pillow can easily be placed directly over the eyes and forehead. This practical pillow is also easy and convenient to bring on board the plane when you travel. Handmade in Sweden in organic linen.

Product information

Size: 30 x 12 cm
Contents: Wheat pillow filled with KRAV-grown wheat, lavender, roses and bay leaves.
Washing instructions: Removable linen pillowcase that can be washed at 60 °C.
Hot & Cold: The heating pad is heated to provide warmth and relaxation to your muscles. Freeze the pillow to provide coolness and relief for headaches, migraines or muscle strain.

How to heat the wheat pillow:
Oven: Heat the wheat pillow for 10-15 minutes at about 125 °C.
Microwave: Heat the wheat pillow for 2-3 minutes at 750 W. Place the wheat heater in the middle so that it cannot touch the walls of the microwave.

*Please remove the linen bag before heating the wheat heater.

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