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Espíritu Santo

Sandalwood sticks Healing Wood

Sandalwood sticks Healing Wood

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Calm mind - Stability - Unity


30G Sandalwood Sticks in black cylinder box

Sandalwood comes from the Santalum Album tree that grows in Southeast Asia and has been used in incense for thousands of years to calm the mind before meditation and to relieve stress, worry and anxiety. In Hindu rituals, sandalwood is often used to consecrate ritual tools before ceremonies. Buddhist monks use sandalwood during meditation to come into deeper contact. In chakra work, sandalwood is associated with Muladhara, the root chakra. Sandalwood can also be helpful with issues around self-identity, security and inner stability.

Scent notes : Simple yet complex fragrance that is sweet, soft and warm with hints of oriental spices.

Scent intensity : 3/5

Smoke intensity : 4/5




Grounding, Calming, Spirituality, Consciousness, and Healing


SANDALWOOD Grounding Healing Reassurance Stability Meditation

Use & Rituals

SANDALWOOD MEDITATION RITUAL Begin the meditation ritual by identifying your safe place, feel free to air the room or place. Light the sandalwood stick with a match or over an open flame and let it burn for a little while. Shake or blow away the flame and let the smoke spread around the room. You can also place the sandalwood stick over glowing coals in a fireproof container. Use circular gestures to spread the smoke across the room. The smoke is there for you and to put you in a deeper state towards reaching a higher consciousness. Allow your intuition to guide you and allow the smoke to fully embrace your ceremony. Take your favorite position, sitting, lying or standing. Begin the meditation self-guided or guided.

Product information

Quantity: Package containing 30 grams of Natural Sandalwood Sticks Length: 5 cm sticks Contents: Natural and pure Sandalwood from Indonesia. *Place in a fireproof container and on a heat-resistant surface. Ignite in a ventilated environment. Store out of reach of children or animals. Cannot be consumed. Keep away from flammable materials.

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