Natural & sustainable products

Our products and incense are the result of what we can harvest from mother earth from season to season. This means that we must live in harmony with nature and respect its limitations. When you, as a customer, hold a Sagrada Madre or Espíritu Santo product in your hands, you are holding much more than just a product. In your hands are the inherent forces of nature, creativity, craftsmanship, movement and life, which have been woven into the product so that you can enjoy its beneficial powers. Most of our ingredients are organic and the Palo Santo in our products is ethically harvested. We are also part of Sagrada Madre's reforestation program where the company annually replants several hundred Palo Santo trees in their natural vegetation around South America.

We create each product from scratch both locally and also in Argentina. Our products are transported by boat from South America and we have tried to rationalize away all forms of unnecessary packaging. In our own products, we use as much as possible recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, wood and aluminium.

We are part of mother earth and in that work we care for her well-being. 🌿🙏✨

Espíritu Santo

Circular packaging

We have collaborated with the Swedish company Circulate, who are experts in sustainable packaging, and together with them we have developed environmentally friendly and circular packaging for all Altar Blend and Clay Mask products from Espíritu Santo.

What does the Circulate Sustainability label stand for?

*The packaging consists of over 70% non-fossil material.
*The material in the packaging unit does not come from protected or threatened forests.
*Working conditions in the production facility are ethical and controlled.
*The packaging is designed to be reused, recycled or composted in the majority of the EU (with easily separable parts).
*The packaging unit will be recycled at least in 70% of cases or it can be fully biodegradable without polluting the environment.