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100% natural & organic incense

The natural incense from Sagrada Madre is completely organic and contains no chemical additives or artificial fragrances. The products are "artisan made" and rolled by hand in Argentina according to old craft traditions. The recipes are completely vegan and consist only of natural fragrances such as dried flowers and herbs mixed with wood resins (resins), salt and ethically harvested Palo Santo. The scent and smoke from Sagrada Madre's incense are both softer and more pleasant because they do not contain scent-enhancing additives such as synthetic fragrances or animal by-products, which are often found in traditional incense.

Nordic agent

we represent the Sagrada Madre in the North

Espíritu Santo Studio is the Nordic region's largest retailer and distributor of Sagrada Madre. Our customers are a wide range of yoga and meditation studios, esoteric stores and concept stores in health, interior design, hotels & spas and museum shopping.

If your company is interested in starting to sell Sagrada Madre products, you are most welcome to contact our founder, Reine Walfridsson at

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Beneficial for body, mind & soul

South America's magical tree that cleanses & protects

The recipes for Sagrada Madre's incense are based on ancient knowledge of how natural substances interact with body and mind. When the natural substances on each incense stick burn, the smoke goes in and works more actively in depth, unlike synthetic incense that is only fragrant. The smoke and scent of real lavender relaxes and calms us, while eucalyptus and rosemary invigorate and sharpen our senses. The Sagrada Madre incense is one of the world's leading incenses for spiritual use, specially formulated to heal, balance and create spiritual connection in connection with meditation, yoga and ritual practice.

Palo Santo Collection

Giving away Palo Santo is shared love, care and joy. This collection is a bestseller all over the world.

Rituals, energy cleaning & protective incense

incense with ancient & sacred traditions

The natural incense from the Sagrada Madre is used to "defum" and cleanse people, places and objects of negative energies. It can also be used for rituals for increased awareness, new power and energy, and as "protective incense" at the same time as it spreads fragrance through the home. Sagrada Madre means "holy mother earth" and is an Argentinian family business that works with conscious agriculture, organic products and with fair and sustainable work. The company also runs its own project to replant Palo Santo trees in their natural vegetation in South America.

Smudge incense

Incense holder and altar

Botanize among our handcrafted and magical items.

Smudge & Cleansing Incense

The incense that deeply cleanses places, people and objects.

meditate with incense

Senses Meditation

Give yourself or someone you care a new sensory experience. We offer "Scented Meditation" scented meditations where we use different incenses and scents together with sounding bowls and shamanic drum to reach a higher consciousness through all our senses.

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Bombitas Collection

Incense balls with seductive scents and beneficial flowers & herbs.