Senses Workshop


Senses Ritual Meditation is a guided meditation where you are invited to meditate with all your senses together with natural incense, Shaman drum, chant and Tibetan sounding bowls for deep, sensual meditation and inner transformation.

The workshop begins with an introduction where you will learn more about the history of incense, the sense of smell and how natural scents affect our mind and body and how these can create a deepened connection between the conscious and the subconscious in the experience towards achieving spiritual contact and inner healing and curative.

All meditations are linked to a ritual theme that permeates the choices of active fragrance ingredients. In every flower, herb and tree there is a built-in natural pantry of beneficial substances and energies. The incense we use is completely pure, natural and specially blessed to heal, balance and create spiritual connection.

The vibrations and singing of the instruments guide you into meditation, while the powerful scents of the incenses deepen the ceremonial ritual. The various elements stimulate a spiritual connection with nature, inspire a greater sense of meaning and provide space for creativity, increased calm, healing and new innovative insights.

* If you have severe asthma or allergy problems, we advise against participating in this workshop.


The cornerstones of the workshop

The four elements

  • Ceremonial traditions
  • Aromatherapy knowledge
  • Vibrational balance
  • Meditation & Mindfulness

Holistic health
The experience can affect our mind and body on several levels, regulation of the nervous system, lower brain waves, muscle relaxation, peace of mind, better sleep, strengthened immune system and ability to concentrate.

Creativity & insight
The ritual creates space for creativity and deeper insights by allowing thoughts to flow freely and the mind to be stimulated and open to new ideas and perspectives.

Connection with nature & spirituality
Natural incenses bring the presence of nature into the ritual and create a sense of connection with the greater cosmic order and spiritual being.

Inner peace & conscious presence
In a world of noise, Senses Ritual Meditation offers a retreat for deep inner calm and conscious presence, increased sensuality and personal development.

  • Cost

    Senses Meditation (2h) - SEK 500 / person

    The meditation includes an incense package (value approx. SEK 100) that the participant chooses. Max 12 participants per occasion. We also conduct corporate events and private group sessions.

  • Instructors

    Jessica Eldenstjärna , Expressive Art & Body Therapist & Shamanic Facilitator
    Reine Walfridsson , Incense & Herbal Facilitator & CBT Therapist


Sign up by clicking the link below. The ticket will be sent directly to your email address.

Booking conditions

In the event of illness or cancellation, no money will be refunded. However, it is fine to give the place away to someone else.

Quotes from participants

"Thank you for a very nice and inspiring evening of fantastic scent experiences. I, who normally cannot stand incense, was completely excited to be able to stay in the space of the scent. Now I light a stick every day. Just the thought of going home and spreading the scent of it the beneficial smoke warms me from the inside out! Thank you for reminding me of the strong sense of fragrance." Titty B

"Jessica and Reine have co-created a unique workshop and meditation experience offering pure nutrition for mind, body and soul. Reine generously shared his knowledge of incense and his passion for using ancestral wisdom to boost self-care and well-being. During the guided meditation led by Jessica with her beautiful voice and instrumentation. I left feeling rejuvenated and uplifted, armed with interesting information, first-hand evidence of the incredible power of incense and essential oils, and a precious pack of Palo Santo & Copal to begin a new chapter in my health and meditation practices." Kate H

"Spiritual luxury! Exciting and lovely arrangement with well-timed information and history about the incenses. The meditation with sound bowls and the drum was fantastic and took me down into the body. Recommended for anyone who wants to get in touch with their spirituality in a safe and ceremonial way, pure soul care!" Michael A

"The workshop is a welcoming invitation to open all senses. The smell of the incense was like holding someone's hand on a journey through the inner self. The workshop leaders created magic through a harmonious foundation for safe, curious exploration in deep relaxation. I have not previously been particularly fond of incenses but these clean, soft, enticing scents are something else entirely. It was an amazing experience to let the sense of smell whirl away on a healing journey through time and space. The meditation combined with the various incenses took me deeper and deeper in relaxation and I felt very present and grounded by the end of the workshop." Camilla S

Events & Fairs

We love to meet live so we can smell together and let the body and intuition guide us to what we need. Here you will find a list of events that we plan to visit in 2023.


Everything for health , Stockholmsmässan 10-12/11

Harmoniexpo , Stockholm - 28-29/10

Together in Spirit , Medborgarplatsen - 30/9

Nobelberget Market , Sickla - 2/9

High Valley Market , Högdalen Center - 2/9

FORMEX , Stockholm - 22-24/8

Nytorgsfesten , Stockholm - 19-20/8

Snösetra culture flea market - 12/8

Harmoniexpo , Stockholm - 26-27/3

High Valley Market , Högdalen Center - 29/4

Together in Spirit , Blique by Nobis - 27/5

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