Palo Santo Collection

The Palo Santo range is Sagrada Madre's signature incense that is appreciated for its fragrance throughout South America. 100% organic Palo Santo incense hand rolled in a layer of real Palo Santo and then in a second fragrance layer of dried flowers, herbs or resins.


Spring Workshops!

Now we have released the dates and themes for the spring Senses Meditation. Give yourself a moment of inner stillness accompanied by natural scents that enhance and deepen the experience. SEK 500 per participant


Smudge Collection

Choose from traditional Sage, Yerba Santa and thirty handmade artisanal smudge sticks with the scent of rose, sandalwood, copal, chamomile and Palo Santo.

A world of Scents

The Natural Collection is a series of natural incense with mythical scents and ritual properties spanning several continents. Choose between Palo Santo and Copal from South America. Myrrh and Frankincense from Africa or Yagra and Sandalwood from Asia.

Herbal & Floral Collection

Enjoy floral, herbal and spicy scents of rose, lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile and cinnamon that create inner peace and balance.


We celebrate everyday rituals for all senses. Our natural and organic products have been carefully selected from all over the world because they are "artisan made", handmade and artisanal. We believe in nature as a source of healing power for all people.


    We believe in the healing power of nature. Through rituals, we create more conscious moments in everyday life


    We offer a range of products that are handmade & artisanal


    We work with natural & botanical products that are organic & environmentally friendly