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Reine Walfridsson, Founder Espíritu Santo

Welcome to a botanical and magical world where everything we offer is what mother earth and nature allow us to harvest in season. We are passionately convinced that nature's apothecary of herbs, flowers and trees has a healing power on us humans, our body, mind and soul.

Espíritu Santo is Nordic distributor & wholesale of international incense brand Sagrada Madre. Our goal is to inspire more people to discover the benefits of natural incense and how it affects our senses to become more present and in touch with ourselves, nature and our surrounding community.

I grew up in a nomadic family with Swedish-Argentine roots. During many of my travels between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, between Stockholm and Buenos Aires, a dream was born to create a place for nature's beneficial ingredients and to help people into a more ritual lifestyle that deepens the inner connection.

I'm inspired by the spiritual life practiced by the people I have met during my travels and who live in the Amazon, Patagonian forests and along the Andes mountain range. They all share a very special presence, togetherness and respect for nature and Pachamama, the fertility goddess which means Mother Earth in Quechua.

Espíritu Santo's products are all natural, vegan, organic and "artisan made" with powerful ingredients and recipes from all over the world. Welcome to discover more sacred moments in your everyday life.

Reine Walfridsson

Founder & CBT Therapist

Kvinna som håller i rökelse

Smoke & Rituals


It is through the sense of smell that we first perceive the world. This is how a newborn baby bonds with its parents. Through the sense of smell, we can feel security and belonging while other senses continue to develop within us. Together, we humans have for tens of thousands of years through our ancestors carried out rituals to draw power and manifest our desires. It is a magical ability that is inherited in our human DNA and in our higher consciousness.

It was by offering what we held most dear, nature's dried leaves, flowers and herbs that we worshiped our gods. Through the smoke, a contact was created between man and the divine and where we allowed the smoke to carry our wishes to the skies.

"Discovering and reclaiming your rituals can feel like a kind of homecoming that adds meaning, power and a sense of belonging".

Hand som tänder en palo santo sticka

The inherent power


Rituals bring hope and ceremony to our lives. They give new power to manifest our innermost desires. The power lies in their intuitive simplicity and how they affect us through our subconscious. Rituals are like routines with the difference that they have been "blessed" with higher powers that only you can give them. Ceremonial rites and symbolic actions that acquire a greater value than its individual parts. Sometimes it can be difficult to define the difference between a "ritual" and a "routine", as both actions share regularity. Basically, it's about making true promises to ourselves that we choose to live by. Promises that become lasting and permanent. It is when we repeat positive thoughts and actions over time that they also become manifested and enter and change our lives. They are as if we weave them into the fabric of our lives. They become an integral part of who we are. Our innermost being, soul and existence.

Ritual Kit

Conscious moments in everyday life


Espíritu Santo is Spanish for the Holy Spirit and also means "through smoke". We celebrate spiritual life for all senses and believe in nature as a healing source for everyone. Since ancient times, we have used incense, aromatherapy and power objects to deepen our connection between body, mind and spirit.

Our natural and organic products have been carefully selected from all over the world because they are "artisan made", handmade and artisanal. We want people to to discover and reclaim their own sacred spaces at home for rest, reflection, togetherness and play.

"Take care of yourself and your home in a sense of peace and harmony. We hope that you will be inspired for more conscious moments in your everyday life."

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