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Espíritu Santo

Palo Santo - Sacred Incense Stick

Palo Santo - Sacred Incense Stick

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Purifying - Protecting - Healing


Palo Santo incense stick or bundle

Palo Santo means "holy wood" in Spanish and lighting a Palo Santo "Holy Wood" is a healing and cleansing ritual in itself. Palo Santo has been used since ancient times in sacred rituals by shamans and indigenous healers in the Amazon to purify energies, attract positive energy and bring calm and spiritual balance and connection. Palo Santo has a sweet and soft fragrance that raises the vibrations and creates a wonderful feeling of inner peace, calm and clarity.

Fragrance notes : Soft, warm and sweet aromatic woody scent with hints of lemon and mint.

Scent intensity : 3/5

Smoke intensity : 3/5





Healing, Purifying, Calming, Harmony, and Protection


Ethically harvested Palo Santo from naturally fallen trees and branches in Peru. Through our collaboration with Sagrada Madre, we support their ongoing project "Programa de reforestación de Palo Santo" for replanting Palo Santo trees in their natural vegetation around South America.

Use & Rituals

PALO SANTO RITUAL GUIDE Palo Santo is a natural incense with a long history among the indigenous people of South America in ceremonies to create calm and whole and clean energies. Palo Santo is excellent for use in morning and evening rituals as well as for cleansing crystals. Palo Santo can be used as "cleansing smoke" to purify people, objects or places. PLACES Begin by airing the room to release old energy and make room for the new. Light your Palo Santo and let it burn for a little while. Shake or blow away the flame and let the smoke spread around the room. Use circular motions to distribute the smoke. For an in-depth cleaning of a house or apartment, for example when moving in. Start in the room farthest from the front door. Make crosses or crosses with the smoking Palo Santo stick in each corner of the room. Work your way through each room until you are at the front door. Then stand outside your door and make a final cross. Then close the door and let the smoke work for five minutes. As you open the door and take your first step back into the hall, you manifest that this is now your home of mental and physical peace and harmony. PERSONS Close your eyes and take a deep breath. When you feel ready and have manifested the purification, you begin the purification ritual. Move the stick and smoke along your own or the person's body contours from head to toe. Finish by holding the stick a little below the nose so that the healing smoke can be felt by the person being cleansed. Finish by thanking Mother Earth for her healing powers. OBJECTS & CRYSTALS Begin by making contact with the object or crystal you wish to cleanse. Give it a thought of new energy. Then pass the Palo Santo stick around the object and let the smoke envelop its energies and infuse new positive energy. Finish the ritual by extinguishing your Palo Santo against a heat-resistant barrel. At full moon, crystals are advantageously placed near a window on a windowsill to charge with new cosmic powers. RITUALS & CEREMONIES Calming Cleansing Protective Harmony Healing

Product information

Number: 1 Palo Santo Stick Length: approx. 10-12 cm *Place in a fireproof container and on a heat-resistant surface. Ignite in a ventilated environment. Store out of reach of children or animals. Cannot be consumed. Keep away from flammable materials.

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