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Sagrada Madre

7 Chakra Cleansing Bombita Incense Balls Sagrada Madre

7 Chakra Cleansing Bombita Incense Balls Sagrada Madre

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7 Chakra Energy Cleansing

A beautiful set of 7 chakra balls that cleanse, strengthen and protect each of the seven energy chakras. Each individual incense ball is color coded and has a unique composition of flowers, herbs and resins that cleanse the specific chakra. The chakra balls create an intense smoke screen during rituals and ceremonies for a deeper connection and purification. This esoteric incense is best suited for use in outdoor ceremonies or in larger ventilated spaces such as yoga studios and retreats.

Fragrance notes : A mix of soft scents from more fruity and floral to herbal with hints of forest, resin and warm wood tones.

Scent intensity : 4/5

Smoke intensity : 5/5


Herbal, Floral, Woody, and Fruity


7 Chakras, Healing, Consciousness, and Purifying


1st Chakra Muladhara / Root Chakra (Red)
Incense Ball with Styrax and Camphor
Instinct, security and strength

2nd Chakra Svadhistana / Navel Chakra (Orange)
Incense Ball with Orange and Rosemary
Sexuality, passion, joy and freedom

3rd Chakra Manipura / Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)
Incense ball with Yagra and Cinnamon
Power, Control and Self-Esteem

4th Chakra Anahata / Heart Chakra (Green)
Incense Ball with Lavender and Frankincense
Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Healing

5th Chakra Vishuddha / Throat Chakra (Blue)
Incense Ball with Myrrh and Frankincense
Communication and Expression

6th Chakra Ajna / Third Eye Chakra (Indigo)
Incense Ball with Benzoin resin and Frankincense
Intuition and Perception

7th Chakra Sahasrara / Crown Chakra (Pink/Violet)
Incense Ball with Roses and Frankincense
Transcendence and Spirituality

Use & Rituals

Light a chakra ball during a purification ritual to cleanse, strengthen and protect the specific chakra. Start from the root chakra and work your way up. Manifest the chakra and create a deepened connection during meditation, yoga or deep relaxation. Begin each session with an intention of what you wish to focus on during your cleansing ritual and use the daily schedule as inspiration. Allow the powerful smoke to carry your desires and cleanse your energies.

1. Place in a fireproof container made of, for example, ceramics, cement or stone.
2. Light the chakra ball with a lighter, match or over an open flame. You don't need carbon.
3. Spread the smoke over the person and space you wish to cleanse and manifest.
4. Wait until the remains of the coal have cooled. The charcoal remains lit for up to 15 minutes after it has stopped emitting smoke.

Power & Strength
Focus & Clarity
Healing & Support
Higher Consciousness
Yoga & Meditation

Product information

Burning time: 8-10 min per incense ball
Number: 7
Dimensions: 3 cm/diameter
Weight: 50 grams

Contents: All products are completely natural, organic and handmade of the highest quality in Argentina. Wood, flowers, herbs, resins, essential oils and natural binders. Contains no chemicals or synthetic additives.

*Place in a fireproof container. Ignite in a ventilated environment. Store out of reach of children or animals. Cannot be consumed. Keep away from flammable materials.

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  • Let intuition guide you

    When you shop online and don't have access to your sense of smell, you can always trust your intuition to guide you to what you need. Perhaps a particular flower evokes a feeling. The name of an herb makes you remember childhood. Choosing fragrances is about being sensitive to the senses and letting the feeling guide the choices. The body knows what it needs. We just need to stop and listen.

  • Sustainable products & packaging

    Our incense products are completely organic and natural that are harvested in season and turned into ash that gives new nourishment to mother earth. We have also chosen to remove all unnecessary product packaging. We pack smartly and use only natural and recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, aluminum and glass.

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