En ritual som förbereder inför meditation och fördjupar din medvetna närvaro

Meditation Ritual Guide

In this guide, you can read more about how you can enhance and deepen your practice of meditation or yoga with the help of natural scents and incense. For millennia, we humans have used dried herbs, flowers and trees to deepen the connection between earthly life and the heavenly forces.

For this ritual, we recommend the entire Natural Collection from Sagrada Madre or Palo Santo & Sandalwood incense sticks. For those of you who want to create your very own ritual temple of scents, we recommend the Premium Altar Blend Collection, the purest form of incense.

Meditate with natural incense

Picture of dried plants and leaves

For the most part, throughout all cultures and times, we have worshiped the divine by offering and burning ritual gifts from nature. In most tribes it was a medicine man or medicine woman who prepared and prepared the rituals and the plants and flowers. In most cultures, the smoke was considered to form a pillar of connection, creating contact between earthly life and the divine. The smoke was also believed to carry our desires, dreams and prayers up into the firmament to unite and manifest in the universal. Since the botany differs between the different parts of the world, our ancestors have tried their best to find the most powerful ingredients.

The most natural and potent ingredients for an elevated meditation are gathered in the Sagrada Madres Natural Collection.

Natural Collection is a sensory and ecological incense based on knowledge since ancient times. The incense is handmade from natural flowers, herbs and woods from around the world. The collection contains seven mythical scents burned in sacred temples and in rituals and ceremonies in ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Amazon, and in Hindu and Buddhist temples. Here you can be inspired by the scents that have connected us humans with the divine for millennia.

> MYRRH/MYRRH - One of nature's most powerful ingredients that grounds and grounds us humans and helps us create a safe place. Myrrh originally comes from an African tree and was one of the gifts given to the baby Jesus by the three wise men.

>INCIENSO/FRANKINCENSE - Pure frankincense or Olibanum is the second gift that was handed over as a gift to the baby Jesus along with gold and myrrh. Frankincense cleanses and widens our sense of spiritual connection and works in a more upward direction unlike Myrrh which is more grounding.

>YAGRA - The sacred fragrance of India. Yagra has been used for millennia in Hindu temples for increased spiritual connection. Yagra is said to lead to new paths, success, happiness and abundance.

>SANDALÓ/SANDELTRÄ - The scent of this magical tree grounds us and calms the mind for meditation, rest and reflection. Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years throughout Asia in Buddhist rituals and ceremonies in sacred temples.

>COPAL - The smoke from the magical Copal tree in Peru has been used for millennia in the Amozonas and by Shamans to initiate rituals. The smoke is said to connect us humans with the divine and carry our innermost desires out into the universe to manifest.

>PALO SANTO, CITRONELLA & ORANGE - A South American uplifting and invigorating incense of warming wood, lemon and orange that spreads joy throughout the home.

>ROSEMARY & WINE ROUTINE - A classic incense used in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire to open up and expand our mind for greater connection, clarity and creativity.

Make your own Altar Blend Ritual

Premium Altar Blend Collection

Burning pure incense over burning coals is strongly associated with ceremonies and is experienced by many as more solemn than burning a regular incense stick. Often we connect it to a ritual that contains desires to achieve a higher consciousness and contact with the spiritual world. Make sure you have good ventilation as most resins have a slightly more intense smoke which also makes them even more mythical, ritualistic and powerful. Place the charcoal in a fireproof container. Light the charcoal and wait for it to get a nice and even grey-white glow. Spread the resin over the charcoal. The resin should not burn, only glow and smolder. Place the container on a fireproof surface as it can get hot. Allow the smoke to embrace the room and place where you are. Manifest and bring forward your innermost desires and dreams. Let the smoke form a ritual pillar that carries your dreams upwards and out into the universe. In our Premium Altar Blend Collection you will find some of the finest incense resins such as Copal, Myrrh and Frankincense as well as three incense blends.

The meditation ritual

Start the meditation on your own or take the help of a guided meditation. If you need inspiration, you will find a number of guided meditations that our founder developed for the Children's Cancer Foundation together with Jessica Eldenstjärna on themes such as Acceptance, Safe Place, Body and Breath. Click here to listen. 

  • Begin the meditation ritual by identifying your safe place, feel free to air the room or place before starting your meditation.
  • Choose your incense and its active ingredients based on whether it should function grounding, balancing or expanding the mind for spiritual contact. Here, too, you can prepare your meditation session by working in several different layers of scents that work together to enhance and deepen your conscious contact.
  • Light the incense or incenses with a match or over an open flame and let burn for a little while. Shake or blow away the flame and let the smoke spread around the room.
  • Use circular gestures to spread the smoke across the room. The smoke is there for you and to put you in a deeper state towards reaching a higher consciousness.
  • Some people like to place the incense directly next to where the meditation takes place in order to feel the smoke more clearly during the meditation.
  • Allow your intuition to guide you and allow the smoke to fully embrace your ceremony.
  • Take your favorite position, sitting, lying or standing.
  • For an in-depth meditation, you can work active ingredients into different scent layers, start with Sage incense or Palo Santo to cleanse, then light your main incense and finish with a moisturizing Botanical mist that awakens the senses back to the room or place where you are.
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