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Sagrada Madre

Sacred Smoke Harmony Kit Sagrada Madre

Sacred Smoke Harmony Kit Sagrada Madre

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Holy incense kit that is burned over charcoal. The smoke conveys a feeling of harmony and calm. The scent of lavender and chamomile soothes and calms the mind while calendula prepares for inner peace, optimism and harmony.

Incense kit contains:
4 vegetable incense, aromatic beads and natural herbs.

Lavender - harmony and renewal
Frankincense (Olibanum) - purification and liberation
Palo Santo - cleansing and protective
Chamomile - relaxation and emotional calm
Calendula - creativity and optimism

Scent notes: Sweet and aromatic scent with hints of lavender, chamomile and Palo Santo.

Fragrance intensity: 4/5

Smoke intensity: 4/5

Use: Light the incense charcoal until it starts to glow. Then place the aromatic beads and herbs on the glowing coal. Enjoy the sacred smoke in a ritual for love.


Floral and Herbal


Balancing, Harmony, and Calming


4 vegetabiliska kol, aromatiska pärlor, aromatiska örter, naturliga hartser, eteriska oljor och naturligt bindemedel.

Use & Rituals

Inre frid
Lugn och stillhet

Product information

Tänd rökelsekolen tills att det börjar glöda. Placera sedan de aromatiska pärlorna och örterna på det glödandet kolet. Avnjut den heliga röken i en ritual för kärlek.

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  • Let intuition guide you

    When you shop online and don't have access to your sense of smell, you can always trust your intuition to guide you to what you need. Perhaps a particular flower evokes a feeling. The name of an herb makes you remember childhood. Choosing fragrances is about being sensitive to the senses and letting the feeling guide the choices. The body knows what it needs. We just need to stop and listen.

  • Sustainable products & packaging

    Our incense products are completely organic and natural that are harvested in season and turned into ash that gives new nourishment to mother earth. We have also chosen to remove all unnecessary product packaging. We pack smartly and use only natural and recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, aluminum and glass.

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