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In our spiritual gift shop you will find Palo Santo, natural and organic incense, accessories, aromatherapy and power objects. All our products are completely natural and organic without chemical additives. Let yourself be inspired by uplifting citronella, soothing lavender, relaxing sandalwood and purifying sage. Our products help to create inner peace and higher contact during meditative moments, yoga or self-reflection. Give yourself or someone you care about more conscious moments in everyday life.

Palo Santo altar blend

Palo Santo for the soul

South America's magical tree that cleanses & protects

We are especially proud of our Palo Santo, which is ethically harvested from trees that have naturally fallen to the ground. At the same time, we support a program for replanting new Palo Santo trees in South America. In our wide range you will find everything from traditional Palo Santo sticks to Palo Santo incense as well as a handmade altar dish, specially designed for this magical tree. Giving charitable Palo Santo is a gift of double power and joy.

Palo Santo package

Palo Santo ❤️ Everyone

Giving away Palo Santo is shared love, care and joy.

Harvest moon altare

Accessories for the altar

crafted items that collect your power items

We believe in creating a sacred place in the home where we can return to replenish with new power and energy. A home altar has become increasingly common and around this we gather our most personal power objects. It can be crystals, stones, feathers, shells, dried leaves and flowers, Palo Santo, tarot cards, incense and other magical items.

Be inspired by our unique accessories for the altar.

Altar Accessories

Incense holder and altar

Botanize among our handcrafted and magical items.

Buenos Aires Sahumador

Give away an energy cleanse

stealth rituals that purify and protect your home

Start the new year by cleaning house and home. Natural incense has been used for millennia to "defum" and cleanse people, places and objects of negative energies. It can also be used for rituals to give increased awareness, new power and energy as well as "protective incense" at the same time as it spreads fragrance through the home. Here you will find our popular smudge incenses.

Smudge incense

Smudge & Cleansing Incense

The incense that deeply cleanses places, people and objects.

Calming ritual kit - Pastill, bombita, palo santo, smudge stick

Ritual kits of beneficial smoke

give away a beautiful tote bag filled with the magic of nature

We have produced three ritual kits that come in nice cloth bags and with an accompanying guide. These incense kits are specially designed for various rituals that purify, protect or calm.

No. 1. Purifying Ritual

No. 2. Protecting Ritual

No. 3. Calming Ritual

Ritual Kit

Ritual kits that soothe, cleanse & protect

Altar blends

Pure incense for your altar

create your own incense with our altar blend collection

We've rounded up the most powerful and purest incenses that can be burned over charcoal. Here you will find the most mythical scents that have been used in rituals and sacred temples since time immemorial. The collection consists of sacred wood, pure incense resin and incense blends.

Altar Blend Collection

Premium Altar Blend Collection

Pure incense

Senses workshop, meditation med ljud och doft

Scented ritual meditation

Senses Meditation

Give yourself or someone you care a new sensory experience. We offer "Scented Meditation" scented meditations where we use different incenses and scents together with sounding bowls and shamanic drum to reach a higher consciousness through all our senses.

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Bombitas Collection

Incense balls with seductive scents and beneficial flowers & herbs.