Sagrada Madre

Sandalwood Smudge Stick Sagrada Madre

Sandalwood Smudge Stick Sagrada Madre

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Purifying & Peace of mind


Sahumito smudge sticks of bound bay leaves, eucalyptus and cedar hand-rolled in genuine sandalwood powder from India. A powerful incense bundle that cleanses the body, mind and spirit of negative energies while calming all the senses and preparing for inner contemplation.

Fragrance notes : Warm, herbal and slightly sweet scent with hints of wood and exotic spices.

Characteristics: Purifying, Supporting & Grounding.

Scent intensity : 4/5

Smoke intensity : 3/5

Burning time : 2 hours


Herbal and Woody


Supporting, Purifying, Spirituality, and Grounding


Bay leaf: cleanses and protects our auric field and drives away negative energies.

Eucalyptus: stabilizes and calms our emotions and brings mental clarity and peace.

Cedar: Harmony and soothing that protects our physical and spiritual selves.

Sandalwood: Identity, stability and confidence. Mental sharpness, natural relaxation, memory power. Natural aphrodisiac, reduces stress, cleanses the soul and neutralizes negative energies generating inner harmony.

Use & Rituals

Mediation and chakra rituals. Security, personal stability and inner strength. Clean energies and attract positive energy.

Product information

Burning time: approx. 2h
Dimensions: 10x2cm
Contents: All products are completely natural, organic and handmade of the highest quality in Argentina. Dried Bay Leaves, Eucalyptus, Cedar, Salt (Argentina). Sandalwood powder (India). 100% vegan and contains no chemicals or synthetic additives.

Place in a fireproof container. Ignite in a ventilated environment. Store out of reach of children or animals. Cannot be consumed. Keep away from flammable materials.

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